1. Curiosidades sobre mim

    Se não fosse a liberação sexual feminista, provavelmente eu não teria sido concebida.

    Se não fosse a bioética católica, talvez eu tivesse sido abortada.



  2. "Both Indian and Greek philosophers held the highest ethical good to be an attitude which regards with the same emotion or valuation those events which are to one´s personal worldly advantage — such as pleasures and fulfilled intentions — and those which are not — such as pains and frustrated intentions. Various terms are used for this mental stance, from the Greek ataraxia to the Sanskrit upeksa — both of which may be translated as “imperturbability”. The ethics of imperturbability involves an attempt to get one´s mind beyond the fluctuations of pleasure and pain. There are two approaches, one transcendentalist, the other naturalistic. To attain such an attitude is to disengage oneself from the ordinary patterns of motivation. In some contexts the disengagement is precribed in order to promote a transcendentalist motivation. Sensations are considered unreal in comparison with some other hypersensual realm; the goal is to become “dead to this world” (impassive, impartial, equanimous, indifferent) in order to gain access to higher Being. This transcendentalist approach is found in Platonism and Neoplatonism, the Vedanta, and most schools of Mahayana Buddhism. In other contexts, such as Theravada Buddhism and Epicureanism, this-worldly experience is accepted as what is given to deal with. Imperturbability is advised not in hopes of attaining a transcendental viewpoint but on naturalistic grounds, in response to the uncontrollability of experience."
    — Thomas McEvilley, The shape of ancient thought (via ranchocarne)
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    Whatcha thinking about, Bane?

    genocide, the nature of pain, boys ~*~*~*

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    before humans and dogs were friends who fixed dog ears when they went inside out

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    This is a very important post.

    babies babying together

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    "Some good advice I found in a bathroom." -raym0ndv2

  9. ultimamente minha dashboard está tão fotográfica.

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    Children singing in a snow cave.
    Picture by Hiroshi Hamaya.

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  11. Desculpe, estou guardando o gif para a possibilidade extremamente remota em que eu decida cair neste feio pecado. 

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    16-year-old dresses as every culture and counterculture of the last 100 years

    Flapper. Beatnick. Hippie. Hipster. 

    In her project “Counter // Culture,” 16-year-old photographer Annalisa Hartlaub captures all the mainstream and countercultural movements that have defined the last 10 decades. The results are a stirring series of portraits that bring life to a century of women, contextualizing how the friction of mainstream and counterculture defined progression. 

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    this is dope

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    ~ The Handbook of the Man of Fashion, by the author of “Etiquette for Gentlemen”, 1847

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    Jesus, Marie, Joseph

    A French holy card of the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.