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    scientists have isolated the gene that makes you become a eugenicist and are somewhat torn as to what to do with this

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    Sui tetti di Firenze

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  4. Fritz Hegenbart

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    Masao Yamamoto. From the «Nakazora» series. 2006

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    Thomas Girtin - The Archangel Gabriel Awaiting Night. 1799


  8. "We’ll start by looking at arguments for the existence of God, and then we’ll move on to more important things."
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    The Diva in the dressing room before the shoot. My darling Ophelia <3

    *Edit: I think the best part about this is I just put her on the set and she crawled up onto the vanity all by herself. All I did was slide the chair under her butt. She is just naturally a diva, I guess!


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  10. The opposite of soft grunge:


    ¡™£¢∞§¶•ª GLAM FOLK ¡™£¢∞§¶•ª


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    Spanish Civil War.

    Convento de la Concepción Francisca o de las Concepcionistas, Toledo.

    Photographer: Pelayo Mas Castañeda.


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    Edmund Porter - Christophagia. The mystery of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ (1680). [x]

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    I can’t even open a program to screenshot this

    everything is good

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