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    Hans Brosamer, God appearing to a multitude of people, 16th century

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    Protest 2000
    Paolo Scalera

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  6. How can people speak lightly of someone who was once important to them?

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    perfect comic is perfect


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    The Butterfly and the Cat, 1875, Lilly Martin Spencer

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  11. Fish Amulet / Egypt / 1800 BCE
    Ancient Egyptians called fish amulets like this nekhau and gave them to young girls to wear as a charm against drowning. Some scholars suggest that such amulets functioned by aversion, that is, a reminder of a watery environment was enough to give the owner security, but it is much more likely that the amulet allowed the wearer to acquire the abilities of a fish, and therefore survival, if she happened to fall into the water.

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    Ahh, more of the Miserable Father images from suffragette times. It’s a favourite old meme because imagine caring for your children?  noooooo not my childreeennnn

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    Otto Dix, Self-Portrait, 1912

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